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May 2021
text: Practice for Your Sports Tournament without the Fear of Injuries
Sports is something that is loved by almost everyone. People love watching their favourite sports match, come love sports so ...
text: Few Reasons Why Women Should Take Care Of Their Pelvic Health
Our pelvis does so much for us. Yet most of the people forget to take care of its health. Women go through a different life j...
April 2021
text: Treat Your Injury with Physiotherapy
You were playing your badminton last night and suddenly you felt an ache in your back. It is so intense that you can’t even m...
text: Do Not Fear Injuries While Practicing For Your Game
The world has grown and now nobody has to think twice before choosing their passion as their career. We all know how much a p...
March 2021
text: Six Surprising Benefits of Acupuncture We Bet You Didn’t Know About
Whenever we think of acupuncture all we can imagine is needles and pain and needles. Ouch! Even the imagination hurts. But to...
text: Three Issues That Can Happen Due to Poor Pelvic Health
So, tell us do you know what part of your body is the pelvis? Do you know what does pelvic floor means? If not, don’t worry! ...
February 2021
text: Three Major Benefits of Physiotherapy!
Physiotherapy is beneficial for people of every age group. It can help you recover from different types of injuries and illne...
text: Things You Can Expect During Your First Physiotherapy Visit
If you have never been to a physiotherapist, do not worry because this article will help you. In this post, we have tried to ...
January 2021
text: Signs You Should Get Acupuncture Service
You might find it a little hard to believe but acupuncture Whitehorse can help you with so many things. There are so many hea...
text: Signs That You Should See a Physiotherapist
If you think that physiotherapist is a treatment that is only for elite sportsmen or senior citizen, you are sadly mistaken. ...
November 2020
text: Know What to Expect from First Pelvic Floor Therapy Appointment
After pregnancy, a few body changes are normal. Like gaining extra pounds, saggy breast, and stretch marks. But when you pee ...
text: Three Ways Sports Therapy Differs from Regular Physical Therapy
Do you play any sport or you are an athletic person? If yes, you will agree that sometimes, while playing sports or practicin...
October 2020
text: Know What to Expect from Your First Visit to Physiotherapist
If you are an active athlete, you might know that injuries are a part of the practice. In short, sports injuries are common. ...
text: Choosing a Physiotherapy Clinic? Consider These Five Factors
Have you been suffering from constant back or neck pain? Have you been taking painkillers for a while but with temporary reli...
September 2020
text: Things to do After Your Physiotherapy Appointment
Playing sports and not getting injured is as rare as the sun rising from the west. If you are an athlete, you are going to ge...