Things You Can Expect During Your First Physiotherapy Visit

If you have never been to a physiotherapist, do not worry because this article will help you. In this post, we have tried to list a few important things that you can expect during your first Whitehorse physio visit. So, read this post carefully and prepare yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a physiotherapist due to back pain, knee pain, or something else, it’s guaranteed that you will get relief. Surely, a physiotherapist does not offer quick relief but he offers permanent relief. This means that after this treatment, you won’t complain about that frequent back pain ever again.

Now, let’s check the things that you can expect during your first visit. So, are you ready? Alright then!

Session 1:

The first session is known as subjective assessment. It’s because, in the first round, your physiotherapist will ask a few questions that are related to your problem. Like the origin of the condition, what makes the pain worse & better, how does it have an impact on your daily life, and have you seen a physiotherapist before or not. The answers to these questions will help the therapist understand what kind of treatment would easily eliminate the pain. Then he will give you a few exercises to do.

Session 2:

The next session is called a discussion. In this session, your physiotherapist will discuss a few things to know more about your condition. Here the therapist will ask you if you are feeling better after your last visit. And also, whether you performed the given exercises or not.

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