Three Ways Sports Therapy Differs from Regular Physical Therapy

Do you play any sport or you are an athletic person? If yes, you will agree that sometimes, while playing sports or practicing athletic moves, you might have pulled your muscle and experiencing pain. You might have also tried taking painkillers to ease the pain but sadly, it has no lasting results.

So, what’s the best thing that you can do? It is consulting a physical therapist. Now, any physical therapist can treat your muscles, reduce the pain, and help in gaining mobility. But you should only go to the who has specialized in sports therapy Whitehorse.

Physical therapy is a diverse field and sports therapy differs from regular physical therapy treatment in several ways. The basic difference is that sports therapy is focused on treating pain and mobility issues specific to sportspersons or athletes. Apart from this, sports therapy also differs in the following way:

Method of evaluation: In sports therapy, the therapist will apply functional testing that will involve the sportsperson to use the specific movements that are needed to play the sport. Based on these movements, the therapist will determine the improvement points to create a treatment plan.

Treatment plans: Based on the functional test results, the sports therapist will create a treatment plan that will focus on providing exercises and movements. This plan will cure the injury for a specific sport. For example, if you play tennis and have a shoulder injury, the treatment exercise will mimic the forehand shots, backhand shots, and such.

Prevention: Sports therapist also focuses on prevention of injury in the future so that the athlete or player can perform at his/her best.

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