Few Reasons Why Women Should Take Care Of Their Pelvic Health

Our pelvis does so much for us. Yet most of the people forget to take care of its health. Women go through a different life journey than men as they give birth to young ones, further pressurizing the pelvis. The pelvis is our support system in most of the activities that our body performs like urination, sex, bowel movements, pregnancy and delivery etc. So you might want to consider seeing a Whitehorse pelvic physio for better care of your pelvis.

So, here are few reasons why women should take care of their pelvic health from a young age:-

1. When the strength of your pelvic floor and your urinary bladder decreases and the position of your bladder might be altered, then it may make it impossible for you to empty your bladder entirely. This can also be caused due to a urinary tract infection (UTI).

2. Due to weakened pelvic floor muscles and tissues, it may be possible that your bowel movement would get affected. In some cases, it becomes extremely rare while in other cases its frequency increases drastically.

3. Along with this, when the pelvis becomes insufficient in supporting the bladder completely, then it becomes impossible for a person to control their pee. This can happen when the bladder is not so full and also when it is entirely full.

4. If your pelvic floor muscles and tissues become weak over a period of time, then it is a possibility that your organs like bladder or rectum may get dropped from your pelvic muscles and tissues and then they may start pressing onto your vagina.

5. In the same manner, it is possible for the uterus to drop down and start pressurizing the vagina. This might go unnoticed for a long time and could be very dangerous for a person’s health.

All these reasons might have made you thought about consulting a pelvic physiotherapist. So we have found Whitehorse Physiotherapy for you that have a team of the finest pelvic health physiotherapists who can easily guide men, women and children with their pelvic health issues. Their owner Kristy Lerch is also an experienced physiotherapist with more than 19 years of experience. They are specialized in catering to the needs of every individual’s pelvic health needs. They have successfully helped many people in getting quick Whitehorse pain relief that may have been caused because of various factors.

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