Know What to Expect from First Pelvic Floor Therapy Appointment

After pregnancy, a few body changes are normal. Like gaining extra pounds, saggy breast, and stretch marks. But when you pee a little while laughing, running, or sneezing, you should not take things lightly. It’s because these things indicate problems with the pelvic floor. And well, in that case, you need help from the experts.

See, try and understand that carrying a baby for 9 months and delivering might take a toll on your health. And most commonly, it can weaken the muscle, which supports the organs that help in sex, urinating, and overall stability. But don’t get scared because a trusted Whitehorse pelvic physio can help you. A great physiotherapist can help you get your pelvic floor in good shape.

But if you haven’t gone to a physiotherapist for this thing ever, you might not know what to expect at your first visit. But don’t worry because we will help you understand everything. So, scroll down.

Before appointment:

o You will be asked a few things about your bladder, sexual symptoms, and bowel.

o You will also get a bladder diary. In that, you have to mention the fluid you intake and other things.

o The expert will further ask you for how long you are in the pain.

o Also, you can tell about your past medical problems and other things.

How long the appointment will last:

o In most cases, a physiotherapist will need one hour to treat the inconvenience.

o After that, there will be follow-up appointments that will last for 45 minutes.

What kinds of examination to be performed:

o The physiotherapist will conduct a few examinations of the external genital area.

o Besides this, the physiotherapist will also conduct an internal vaginal examination.

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