Three Issues That Can Happen Due to Poor Pelvic Health

So, tell us do you know what part of your body is the pelvis? Do you know what does pelvic floor means? If not, don’t worry! Not everybody is well-versed in human anatomy. So, to answer these questions, your pelvis is between your abdomen and your legs. The pelvis consists of some very crucial organs in your body. And as a woman, having a strong pelvis is of the utmost importance. Your reproductive system and urinary system lie in your pelvis. Both these organ systems are crucial for your overall health and functioning.

The pelvic floor on the other hand consists of all the muscle groups that are present in your pelvis keeping these organ systems intact and safe. Therefore, maintaining pelvic health Whitehorse is crucial for every woman. Excellent pelvic health will ensure that you have proper urination functions along with reproductive functions such as having pain-free sex and delivering a child.

If you don’t pay attention to your pelvic health, you can have serious medical problems. Let’s look at some of the issues that can arise due to poor pelvic health.

Urinary incontinence: This happens when you have weak pelvic floor muscles and are not able to hold your pee. This occurs when your pelvic muscles are unable to support the urinary bladder.

Pelvic organ relapse: When you have poor pelvic health, it can result in pelvic organ relapse causing pressure on your vagina. This can cause several problems such as painful sex, leaky bladder, bowel movement issues, and more.

Prolapse of the uterus: If the uterus drops to the vagina, it is known as prolapse of the uterus causing several health problems.

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